Spewings: On Turning Twenty

I was born three weeks too early on Thursday, August 8, 1996 at 1:59pm. I guess you could say I was just eager to get out, curious to experience the world, uncurl from my fetal position and cry like a baby. And although at times, I still find myself in that same position, I have to say in the last twenty years I have definitely experienced life and its many ups and downs.

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July In Review

July has come and gone and I have stayed gone from my blog. Blogs are really hard!! People make it look so easy but they are so hard to keep up with! I did make a plan during July with potential posts etc etc so I should post a few more times this month.
The following is my July in review, for me to catalogue and see what I’ve been doing all month:

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21 Summer Solutions

School’s out, sun’s out, no worries at all so…what do I do?

There was always one question that popped into my head every summer, after about a week of doing nothing. I got bored just thinking of all the empty weeks to come and so I would start coming up with things that I could do. Elaborate plans and ambitious goals were what kept me going during the beginning of my summer. By the end, however, the list would be squished somewhere between two books, forgotten and only half complete. It’s so easy to get swept up in the eight or so weeks we get off in a school year which is why I’ve decided to create a list of  things you can do this summer to make it a more productive and memorable one!

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A Typical Intro

Satisfied with its name and semi-satisfied with the theme, I feel like I’m now ready to begin this blog and fill it with my spewings&stuff over the course of the summer and hopefully beyond! I don’t think there’s a single category for what this blog is gonna be like. I’m hoping for a mixture of a lifestyle, personal, travel-ish, and art/food/book/picture type of blog. So really, just some of my spewings and then some other stuff.